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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Golf Club Art - Materials and Equipment

There are many different golf clubs and I honestly don't know which one is used when. I suppose each one can be used for an art project, depending on what the project might be.

For photos, shadow boxes and other wall art, you may need a variety of clubs which is probably more interesting and provides more options then all of one and the same form/shape.

For airbrushing, clubs like the one on the right lend themselves better, because of the larger surface which can be used.

I am not so sure why I only found airbrush images. I think these golf clubs would be perfect for other forms of painting as well. You may have to prepare them to hold the paint; that may be the reason for airbrushing and then you will need an airbrush and paint.

Nope, there may not be much golf club art around, but I was already pretty astonished that golf club art showed up on my quest. Would you call that a hole in one?

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