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Friday, September 10, 2010

Key-Logger Safety

Our three year old grandson loves to mimic us by 'working' on the old computer we gave him. I am not sure what keys he presses, but he brings up windows which I have neither seen nor heard of. It may be a good idea to monitor all his Computer Activity, just out of curiosity.

He always wants to go on my computer, but I got way too many important, work related files and documents stored on it. It would be disastrous if he messed all that up. Therefore, he can only sit in my lap and watch while I work. As soon as I turn my back, he tries anyway and setting up Security Cameras would certainly come in handy.

I am glad he still is too young to be surfing the net. Sadly, but true, nowadays it is difficult to keep children out of trouble where it concerns the Internet. In order to prevent this and ensure they put the computer to good use, you could insert a Key logger and find out what they are up to.

No, I wouldn't like spying on them, but these days is better to be safe then sorry!

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