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Monday, December 07, 2009

Grass Art I

In case you are under the impression that grass is only good for lawns then let me assure you it has many more options then just growing and being cut. Many home decorations are crafted using grass.

There are many different types of grass and we all may have seen centerpieces or wreaths made out of it. Usually those are dried decorative grasses, but even ordinary grass could be used for the same purpose, as long as you keep in mind that it turns yellow at one point.

© Grass Art Collection
Some people have mastered crafting with this natural material to such a level that it turned in to art. Take a look at this owl; it is solely made out of Buri grass, but I suspect we all heard of raffia, which is another grass and used very often for all kinds of craft projects.

Even though this handy work is not very common, it is absolutely worth picking and drying all kinds of different grasses. You never know what all you can or want to use it for. A simple composition in a vase or as a centerpiece might give just the pizzazz which was needed.

At least the grass will no longer look greener on the other side! :-)

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