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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Cereal Box Art

It never crossed my mind to keep the empty cereal boxes and use them for craft projects. Normally, they disappear in the trashcan, but after seeing what all can be done with them; I better save them up for a rainy day.

The children especially will be able to make lots of fun projects out of them, like the cute little town in the picture, but I have seen so many other great ideas as well.

How about these cute flip flops, or hand puppets? For the latter you cut the two sides and the back in half, fold the other half over and glue funny or adorable faces on the front which are made out of construction paper or another cereal box.

You can also think big and glue several boxes together, turning them into a tree, totem pole, or even a play house. The boxes can be (spray) panted or covered with left over wallpaper, if you so desire.

For the grown-ups cereal boxes can be used for collages and, when you have plenty of the same brand cereal boxes, intricate figures and objects. There is also the option to decorate the box with pasta, dried beans, beads, etc., but they can also function as a canvas for a painting.

Projects galore; all you have to do, is think outside the box!

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