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Monday, November 21, 2011

Cornucopia Art - Materials and Equipment

To make a creation is not difficult to do and the cornucopia baskets can easily be bought in either craft stores, garden centers, or online.

Most of the baskets are made from wicker, willow, or fern and come in all kinds of sizes. Some can even be hung on the wall and it is entirely up to you to decide what to fill it with.

One of the neat things about this craft is that you don't need very much equipment, if any at all. You may need some Styrofoam if you plan on making a flower arrangement, but that is about it.

The possibilities are wide open and the 'abundance' can vary from fruit, vegetables and flowers, to Christmas ornaments, Easter eggs and anything in between.

You really don't need any instructions or workshops for that; just go with the flow!

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