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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Fabric Paint Art

I suspect that every seamstress at one point may come to practicing this craft; I know it was so for me. After sewing any kind of garment you can think of, I realized how difficult it was for the children to come home with their own jeans jackets, since everyone was wearing them.

Sure, you can make a mark in the collar, but knowing those little rascals; they probably don't even look for it and just grab the first jacket which resembles theirs. To make it easier on them I resorted to fabric painting.

It also turned out to be a nice way of sprucing up plain T-shirts and jeans. However, instead of painting directly onto the fabric, I made separate appliqués which I sewed on the garment because that way it could be reused.

My experiences with fabric paint are that it holds up extremely well during all those many times of washing and does not fade. It can be used on any type of fabric to give something a personal touch.

To make an appliqué: paint the image on a piece of fabric. Once done, iron the paint as instructed and iron a piece of fusible on the back.

Using a wide, but narrow zigzag stitch, stitch all around the appliqué and cut of the excess fabric as close to the stitches as possible and done. You can either sew it on the apparel with the machine or by hand.

This craft has lots of options and possibilities and certainly is not like watching paint dry. Well, sometimes you have to wait until it is dry. :-)

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