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Thursday, September 09, 2010

Soap Bubble Art

I didn't expect to find soap bubble art because it is rather evanescent, but that doesn't seem to hinder or limit people from being creative with them. Here is a cute example of what art can be created with soap bubbles:

Materials: * 1–2 tbsp. Tempera Paint or several drops of natural food coloring * 1 tbsp. dishwasher liquid  * half a cup water  * Construction Paper; you can use plain white, but any light color will do just as well.  * Drinking straws * Metal pie tin, small bowls or even empty yogurt containers will do.

Mix together water, dishwasher liquid, paint or food coloring and pour the mixture into the containers. Gently blow making heaps of bubbles and place a piece of construction paper on top of the bubbles holding it in place for a few seconds. The bubbles will pop and leave marks on the paper.

Remove the paper and set it aside to dry. By mixing different colors of paint in separate containers/tubs, you can create gorgeous effects and designs by placing the paper on top of the bubbles of each tub.

Another method is to blow the bubbles straight onto plain white paper. Allow the bubbles to settle and burst on their own and let the paper dry.

A tip from yours Truly: when the paper is dry, it may be curled and bent. You can get it flat again by ironing it. I like this art; it is a colorful way of bursting bubbles!

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