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Monday, May 11, 2009

Button Art

I like watching Home and Garden TV, especially those shows where they spend little to no money to transform a room and use existing materials to create art. It was at one of those shows where I saw them create wall art with... buttons!

They hot glued buttons on a white painted piece of wood and framed it. My imagination went wild; if you can make wall art with buttons, then there are likely to be other projects one can use them for besides embellishing shirts.

Oh wait, if I can think of that then others might already have as well and carried out their ideas. Yup, I found lots of art and crafts made from buttons. Take a look at these gorgeous creations.

These creations seem to be sown on to the fabric, but if you are not too skilled at that, you can always glue them on to wood. It sure would save your fingers from being poked with a sharp needle.

I can think of a few more ideas which would be helpful to spruce up a few things with buttons. I sincerely doubt they are original, but I will share them anyway:
- To give a lamp a different look and incorporate it in the decor, glue buttons on the top and bottom rim of the lamp shade.
- Glue buttons on a piece of cork to create one of a kind coasters.

I am positive you have some ideas of your own and I would appreciate it if you would share. You never know; your idea may be right on the button for someone else! :-)

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