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Arts and Crafts

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Horseshoe Art

I received an e-mail with beautiful pictures of horseshoe art in it and of course that piqued my interest. I was not prepared for what I found when I did a search and was amazed by so much creativity and all the different applications and projects old horseshoes were used for.

No, this may not be an average hobby where you sit down in your living room and start creating something from scratch. You will need a specific area for it and some tools you may not commonly find in your toolbox.

Once you are set however, the options and ideas are endless. I saw picture frames, a gazillion figurines, brackets for holding up shelves, coat and towel racks, paper towel and toilet paper holders, salt and pepper shakers, napkin holders, tables, chairs, candlesticks, and so much more.

Just take your pick and be assured that it is your lucky day!

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