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Arts and Crafts

Monday, September 12, 2011

To Each Their Own

I don't know if you get as much advertisement and junk mail in your mailbox as we do, but most of it disappears in our garbage can almost right away. On rare occasions we hold on to it and I noticed that what we keep are mostly brochures which jump out at us.

It is easy to tell if a business had put some time and effort in their Brochure Printing due to the colorful pictures, logos, the appealing layout and not pinching a penny in order to present their services to the public in an artistic way.

I honestly don't think it is the business owner who is responsible for the end product, but the Brochure Printing service they hired. It shows through when that service has the skills and expertise to take the concept and requirements of their client and turn it into a professional and eye-pleasing work of art.

I would want to try my hands at Brochure Printing, because it would be rather confusing to me, figuring out what goes where and still make it informative, attractive and to the point. I am glad I don't have to; there are craftsmen for that who made a profession out of their hobby.

To each their own!

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