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Saturday, September 03, 2011

Mask Art - Materials and Equipment

The easiest thing to do is buying a simple white mask, which can be done online, and painting and adorning it any way you want or see fit. I don't think those would be very comfortable to wear though, but they are excellent for decorative purposes.

Most rewarding however is making your own mask from scratch. This also allows you to put all your creativity and artistic abilities in it. Shape, form, color, materials; the choice is all yours.

Construction paper is sturdy enough for cutting and shaping it any way you want. With a pair of scissors, elastic bands/strings, glue, and different colors of paper, you can already create a unique face cover.

In case you need some help and/or ideas; there are plenty of examples, workshops, lessons, and instructions online and not just for paper masks, but also for masks made out of other materials.

I can give you some pointers when it comes to the basic equipment: scissors, paint, brushes, and glue, but the rest is up to you and your imagination.

I have no doubt that the fruits of your labor and craftsmanship will show by this unique expression of art!

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