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Arts and Crafts

Friday, September 02, 2011

Diving In

One would expect that there is an art or hobby for and made from or with everything, but low and behold, I just came across one that is up for grabs; there is no art created where it concerns swimming pool covers.

That came as a shock to me, because those large covers would lend themselves excellent for a one of a kind expression of creativity which could be achieved by putting some paint and brushes or spray paint to good use.

With the seasons about to change and the pools going out of commission until next year, it would certainly please the eye and cheer up the entire environment when the Winter Pool Covers would display some colorful art.

I did find some really beautiful and artistic above and in-ground liners and plenty of other cute, unique and/or necessary Pool Supplies, but as far as pool covers go; that art is wide open. It may be something to dive into, huh?

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