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Monday, August 29, 2011

Bubble Wrap Art II

Bubble wrap came in to existence by accident in 1957, when Alfred Fielding and Marc Chavannes tried to come up with wallpaper which was made out of plastic.

Their project failed, but they ended up with material which lends itself excellent for packing up and protecting all kinds of fragile and precious cargo and in 1960 the Sealed Air Corporation was born.

We already know that many hobbies involve and evolve around this packaging material and that we can have a lot of fun by simply popping the little bubbles, but it is also said that the latter is a good way getting rid of stress.

Of course the Internet has jumped all over that and you can find sites which provide you with a virtual piece of bubble wrap to pop.

Another cute, little fact is that for the past several years, every last Monday of January has been designated as Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day and in case you working with bubble wrap is your hobby, you may want to consider entering your project in the contest which is being held again next year.

Well, I suppose that wraps it up for now!

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