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Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Make-Up Art

Those of you who use make-up on a regular basis already know that it can enhance your beauty and/or correct and mask imperfections, or if not chosen well and applied incorrectly can have a negative effect on your appearance.

The trends concerning fashion and style are constantly changing and so is make-up, since it has become such a huge part of this industry and has been used by more and more people all over the globe.

While doing a post on finding the right make-up and related products, I thought I look around and see whether there is make-up art out there, or not. Of course there is; all I had to do was think about Halloween and how make-up is used to totally transform someone's looks.

It doesn't take much to beautify or totally transform a face; with just a few eye-shadows you can already achieve the desired results, but there are also face-paint kits available which are specifically designed for the latter.

It is fun playing around with and finding out what all you can do with it. It may be good entertainment for the kids on a rainy day. I suspect it will keep them busy for many hours and you can get rid of all the make-up miss-buys which you don't use, but never could or would throw out!

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