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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Rubber Band Art Part 2

It is not quite clear where the rubber band originated or who really invented it, but there are several stories going around pertaining to this subject.

The first one accredits Stephen Perry with the invention and patenting of the rubber band on March 17 of the year 1845. Another one claims it was done by Dr. Jaroslav Kurash on the same date in the same year, while other rumors go it was invented in Ohio on March 7, 1923, by William H. Spencer.

Most rubber bands are made from natural rubber which is derived by tapping into the bark of the rubber tree which mainly grows in Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia.

The sap, or latex, begins to harden and becomes elastic when it is exposed to air. The rubber is squeezed into long tubes by putting it on mandrels. It is then cured with heat, after which they are sliced into bands which can vary in size, width and thickness.

It doesn't really matter whoever came up with this luminous idea and brought it into realiation. I am just grateful for it; it makes life a little bit easier by holding it together and provideing us with plenty new ideas for crafts, hobbies and works of art!

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