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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Amigurumi Art - Materials and Equipment

Doing this craft requires the following equipment: a crochet hook, tapestry needles, scissors, markers, blunt tweezers or a stuffing tool, stuffing, craft eyes, transparent all purpose glue, and in case you want to create a fuzzy looking animal then a dog brush will create the desired effect.

The stuffing can be either regular stuffing or gel beads. Most of the times, the gel beads go on the bottom to give the doll some weight and make it easier for it to stand up. The best way to know if you put enough stuffing in it is when the project is very firm and has the typical Amigurumi shape.

Since each part of the doll is crocheted separately, you will have to sew them together.

In order to hide the ends of the yarn, make a small knot after you sewed on a part, stick the needle through the body and cut the yarn off at the other end.

It may not always be easy to get the yarn through the needle, but here is a good tip: put a small drop of craft glue on the yarn end, roll it between your fingers to make it pointy, let it dry and the problem is solved.

There are many free patterns and tutorials which can be found online, but lots of craft books with examples and instructions are also available, ensuring you will have no lack of ideas or inspiration!

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