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Arts and Crafts

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Cake Art

I am not much of a cook and a pecan pie or muffins are about the only pastries which come out of my hands or oven in this case, as far as baking goes.

It never got my interest either; I could admire the decorations on a cake, but a cake is a cake and only good to eat. I admit that perspective changed entirely, after watching Cake Boss on TV.

Baking something so tasty and then transforming it in incredible pieces of unique, edible art totally impressed me and I had no clue how much work and creativity went in to it.

There are so many extremely talented 'Cake Bosses' out there and the pictures you see here are just a few results of their fantastic ability to take something as simple as flour, water, eggs sugar, etc. and turn it in to something unbelievable.

The cakes are so beautiful; it is almost a shame to cut and eat them. For someone with a sweet tooth it is nice to have the justification that it will spoil in short order and sink their teeth in it.

The baker must get a lot of fulfillment out of the fact that his/her creation is not only amazing to look at, but is devoured in no time flat as well. I suppose for them it is the icing on the cake!

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