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Monday, September 26, 2011

Potato Art

As versatile as potatoes are and/or can be in the kitchen when preparing a tasty meal, as many uses they can have for creating some great and unexpected works of art.

Beautiful figurines can be carved out of potatoes and even though discoloration will occur, that can be taken advantage of and will even ensure your creation is never boring and always offers something new to look at.

With a few toothpicks, you and/or your children can already fabricate some cute potato figures without having to use a knife at all.

Select a few small or weird shaped potatoes and leave the rest to your imagination. You will be surprised what all you can come up with.

An even simpler way is drawing a face on a potato with a marker. As the potato ages, it will shrivel and sprouts will appear. Imagine the fun you will have as you see the face grow older by the day, develop more wrinkles, but instead of loosing, growing hair.

Don't drop this hobby as a hot potato; see the possibilities and keep in mind that it can actually be great entertainment for the entire family!

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