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Friday, September 23, 2011

Horseshoe Art - Materials and Equipment

There is a huge selection of horseshoes available in different styles and materials; some may be made out of iron, others from steel, aluminum, titanium, copper or even rubber and plastic.

The big question would be where to get them and since not everyone has a blacksmith in the neighborhood, the Internet is your best bet for buying them.

You will need welding equipment, a sturdy hammer, pliers, and an anvil could come in handy as well. Several horseshoe art videos, projects, ideas and instructions can be found online and could be of great help getting you started.

This hobby is not for the faint of heart and hand; it does require some strength at times bending and shaping the horseshoes, but the art which will result from all your labor will be absolutely astonishing.

You will not need any luck; you will be holding that in your own two hands!

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