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Monday, December 05, 2011

Cereal Art

Well, after having brought cereal box art to your attention, I was curious if there was any art made with and from the contents of the boxes.

I found several ideas which are great and rather simple to make, like this one in the picture.

The children can let their imagination run wild and glue some of their favorite cereal on to paper, turning it into a true masterpiece.

I also came across a great tip; crush the cereal with a rolling pin until it is almost powder.

You can then use it the same way as you would use colored sand and fill up jars and bottles with layers of different shades.

Another suggestion which ran across my mind was that all those different colors, sizes and shapes of available breakfast cereals would lend themselves very well for making some unique Christmas decorations.

It will certainly keep the children busy during their time off for Holiday season and/or could entice some creative aspirations where you are concerned!

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