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Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Cereal Art - Part 2

There is much more you can do with breakfast cereal then just consuming it. If you like to take on a larger project, then a portrait or other decorative wall art creation is a very feasible option.

You could use needle point examples as a guideline and create a 3D effect by gluing on the cereal flat, on its side, or on top of each other. Once your project is done, you can cover it with Polyurethane to protect it from outside influences like humidity.

I came across this gorgeous, edible project and thought how nice that would look as a centerpiece on the table during Christmas dinner. It could even serve as a desert afterwards, by filling the pineapple with pieces of fruit.

The flowers are easily made and require wooden skewers, non-stick baking paper, chocolate and cereal.

Heat the chocolate in microwave or au bain marie until it is melted, but not hot. Drop circles of chocolate on a baking sheet lined with the paper, using a teaspoon and put one end of a skewer into each drop.

Press the cereal of your choice into the chocolate while it is setting and create petals and the heart of the flower. Chill your creation until it is set and then carefully peel the flowers off the paper.

They are now ready for use and that doesn't necessarily have to be a pineapple, it can also be a bowl filled with all kinds of fruit, tall glasses with fruit, ice cream, or as decoration on a cake.

I suspect it is not just beautiful, but delicious as well. Although it is almost to pretty to eat!

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