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Monday, January 24, 2011

Shoe Art

I suppose when it comes to shoes and art, most of us think of fashion and design. That is not surprisingly, seeing how the fashion industry almost every season comes up with a new style and new creations, which also call for different and often innovating accessories.

Usually, the womens' shoes are subject to a radical change and even though I find the ones in the picture highly artistic, I am not so sure they about their comfort.

It almost seems like you would have to be an artist being able to keep your balance, but let's face the fact that they are mainly designed to show off and make a fashion statement.

This is the kind of shoe art which I had in mind; altering or sprucing up an existing pair of shoes.

Sneakers can be customized and personalized with some fabric paint and a little bit of imagination.

It certainly is a good way of reusing an old pair of shoes which otherwise would only sit in the closet and eventually will be thrown out.

You can always do that, after I am through with shoe art. You never know what great ideas may spring up in your mind and altering and reusing an old pair of shoes will definitely come in handy in these times of frugality.

If the shoe fits, wear it! Grin.

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