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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wall Mount Mailbox Art

When talking about mailboxes, we often picture the most commonly encountered house mailboxes; the ones which are mounted on a post and sit along the side of the road.

I suppose we are so used to that sight, we completely forget that something like wall mounted mailboxes exist as well. Maybe you are the proud owner of one, in which case I envy you; at least you don't have to walk all the way up to the road to get your mail.

I sure wished we had a wall mount mailbox. It is no fun gathering our mail in the blistering heat, or when the rain is pouring down. I even find it rather dangerous, because our mailbox is very close to a busy road.

Enough of the griping and complaining; it is what it is and I shouldn't let it sidetrack me. What I wanted you to know is that there is a gorgeous and artistic collection of wall mount mailboxes which will enhance the appearance of your abode tremendously.

With one of those on the wall, collecting your mail will become even more pleasurable!

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