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Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Packaging Tape Art

I already told you about all the artfully crafted projects which can be made out of (colored) duct tape, but there are many more possibilities for creating art by using simple packaging tape.

This wall art is a wonderful example of someone's ingenuity and handiwork. The nuances of color are achieved by layering the tape which gives the light and dark effects.

Of course this may not be a project for beginners, but you can always start out with something easier and learn the tricks of the trade. Even when you mess up, it is not going to cost you an arm and a leg, just some time; packaging tape is fairly cheap.

I came across some amazing, life-like statues made out of nothing but clear packaging tape. That will certainly need some practice, but with some colored packaging tape you already can turn a plain gift box into something special by adding some strips of this adhesive tape on the top.

If you still would like to make something out of it then this flower may be a good way to start.

It is also great for including the children and to let their creativity run wild. You never know what they come up with.

Make sure you get it on tape though!

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