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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Creativity And Determination

I recently read that an autopsy will be performed on Thomas Kinkade which might shine some light on the passing away of this only 54 year old renowned artist. Although it was mentioned that he died of natural causes, it is always better having some knowledge of what that cause was.

Thomas, who grew up in a loving, but very poor family, had set his mind on never having to live in poverty again and he certainly achieved that goal. He already sold his art at an early age and, together with his wife, started selling his paintings from his garage.

You could consider him to be one of the successful young entrepreneurs whom we still can find many examples of, even during the economical difficult times which we are faced with at present. There may be more so now then back when; when going through financial hardship, people tend to get very resourceful and creative.

You don't have to look far to come across a story about how a college student or young adult took an idea, started from scratch using only their imagination and available resources, and turned it into a million dollar business.

That shows once more how creativity and determination go a long way and can make a dream come true!

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