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Arts and Crafts

Friday, February 08, 2013

Baseball Art

The other day I was watching a documentary showing how baseballs were made. Did you know each one of them is stitched by hand? I sure didn't and I was impressed. It also made me wonder if there were crafts and hobbies involving baseballs.

Besides the usual photos, prints, posters, and gif images, I honestly didn't expect to find any creativity in other directions where art or crafts with baseballs were concerned. Low and behold; I stood corrected as soon as I did a search.

I for one would never have come up with the idea of making a baseball wreath and I most certainly would never have guessed there are rings available where a pearl is made to look like a baseball, but there are.

I stumbled across a lot of nail art as well. Being able to paint the intricate stitches of a baseball onto your nails sure requires a steady hand.

Another craft for which baseballs are used is jewelry. This is just one of the examples of bracelets I saw, but there are several more concepts available on the Internet.

Even necklaces are made out of these sport items and I am sure you may have some ideas yourself.

When you do, I would urge you to share. You never know; it may just get the ball rolling, helping others to find the craft they like and express their creativity!

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