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Friday, February 15, 2013

Baseball Art Ideas

I really had no idea how much work and how many different materials went into making a baseball. When you have the opportunity to cut one in half then do so and take a good look at the inside.

You will find a rubber or cork ball in the center which is wrapped several times in yarn or string of different sizes, enclosed in leather which is entirely stitched together by hand.

That is already an art by itself and one would expect having to pay an arm and a leg for a baseball, but nothing is less true. It may surprise you that you only pay a few dollars per baseball and they are readily available by the dozen online and in the stores.

I truly like this flower idea. The petals are made out of old, used baseballs. The heart of the flower can be made out of and adorned to your own likings.

So can the edges of the flower. Simply pick a color of yarn and use the already pre-existing needle holes to thread it through and you achieve a different look every time.

Some other ideas are using baseballs for book ends, coin purses, photo holders by inserting a split ring clip into it, or turning a baseball into a jewelry box by not entirely cutting it in half and hollowing out the center.

There are plenty more ideas and examples and when you do a search you will come across several right of the bat!

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