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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Order, Safety, And Signs Of Art

With so many people coming to see the Mardi Gras parades, traffic can easily turn into chaos. The majority of the visitors have no clue where to go and/or park their vehicle. They are not the only ones; even the residents of the city are not always familiar with every area and they too have to find their destination.

A map of the city would come in handy, but that wouldn't do much good if the streets are not properly marked with the corresponding signs. Let's be honest and simply admit that most of us are not really good at reading a map and we would be lost if those street signs didn't pinpoint our exact location.

Even though accidents can always happen, many can be prevented by heeding the traffic and warning signs and sticking to the speed limits. Those should not be overlooked or ignored, although the latter is hard to do, since those safety signs usually are clearly marked and prominently present.

When a parking spot, parking garage, or other designated place is finally found for leaving a vehicle, make sure others can enjoy their day out as well. Disabled, handicapped, and other reserved parking spaces are there to facilitate everyone and enable them to easily get to where they need to be.

Remember that all those signs are artfully crafted with a specific purpose in mind. They are not there for show, but to run the show and keep it on the road orderly and safely!

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