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Arts and Crafts

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Custom Craft Supplies And Materials

Since I already shared how to make air-drying clay dough in my posts on cornstarch clay and salt dough clay art, which you can find in the right sidebar, I won't repeat those recipes again. I do suggest you try making them; it is quickly done and tons of fun.

Besides making your own glitter, clay, crayons, etc., don't neglect to make the needed craft tools as well. It is very simple to cut out an image of a potato and use that as a stamp, but the same can be done with soft sponges.

That goes even quicker, since all that is required is a pair of scissors to cut the sponge into the desired shape. It can then be used as a stamp by dipping it into a thin layer of paint which is poured out on a tray.

Texture in a painting can be achieved by wrapping a small piece of a scrub sponge around the tip of a pencil or paintbrush. Secure it tightly with some tape and the kids can use it to give their artwork an interesting character.

Another great tip I came across was cutting small squares of cardboard into comb-like tools. By cutting the 'teeth' and the opening between them in different widths you will end up with a diversity of striped effects with each cardboard comb that is used.

We all are inventive and there is no doubt in my mind many other simple solutions are applied for developing our own craft tools and art supplies. If you have come up with one or have a tip, please don't hesitate to share.

It will and would be highly appreciated!

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