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Arts and Crafts

Thursday, January 24, 2013

More On Garage Door Art

You would definitely hit the breaks when spotting an elephant sitting in a garage. Upon taking a very close look you would come to find out it is nothing but a photo cover for garage doors; and an excellent one, as I may add.

I already touched the subject in my previous posts on garage door art. I thought to dive a little deeper into it, since there are over 350 designs to choose from and it is so simple, quick and easy to transform your plain garage door in a work of art.

You can choose between several photo cover options, ranging from vehicles, aircrafts, old-timers, landscapes, animals, rooms, gates, flags, seasonal, to Halloween, Christmas, and more. If neither one of those appeals to you then your own preference can also be turned into garage art.

The material is totally weather and rip-proof. It can be cut without any problems and many even come with a fire safety certificate. Installation is a snap, because it is applied to the garage door by Velcro.

This makes it perfect for covering all kinds of different materials and easy to install, remove, or changed out. In case you fear theft; simply secure the cover to the door with a few screws.

The covers come in several different standard sizes, but can be custom-made as well. What's more; there are not only photo covers for garage doors available, but for regular doors, and walls as well.

There you have it; art is right at your fingertips!

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