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Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Candle Art

Subtle shadows dancing on the wall, the atmosphere slowly filling with peace and serenity, while a relaxing, warm ambiance makes its way through the room due to the flickering of strategically placed lit candles.

Candles have been the main source of light for and throughout ages, until not that long ago. Nowadays, they are mainly used when power outages occur, or to add elegance, style and fashion to any room.

They can be placed in a group, paired up in candlesticks, placed in votives, glass lanterns and hurricane glasses. Pillar candles can make a bold statement and/or add some drama to a room. The same effect can be achieved by placing candles varying in height together.

A different atmosphere can be created by surrounding the candles with natural materials such as stones, shells, colored glass and, for an industrial look, even nuts and bolts. Fill up a fireplace with candles and you instantly have the pleasures and mesmerizing characteristics of a fire, but without the intense heat.

The art of candle-making has progressed substantially over the years and at present the choice in candles is enormous; from single to multi-colored, textured, scented or unscented, all kinds of sizes, shapes and forms.

Some candles are a wonderful expression of the creativity and ability of the artist, while others are plain and simple and made for one purpose only; to shed some light in the darkness!

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