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Arts and Crafts

Friday, August 17, 2012

The History Of Bone Carving

And a long, long history it has. It dates back way before any recordings of history began and probably started out as a means to fabricate durable, strong weapons such as knives, spears and arrow heads from animal bones, teeth and horns.

It was also practiced by many cultures around the world for creating daily items such as fish hooks, sewing needles, hair combs, buttons, necklaces for personal adornment and religious ceremonies, and much more. Later on, designs were added as decoration and slowly but surely grew out into the art of bone carving.

Due to the symbolism which went hand in hand with the designs of the artwork, many ancient tools and weapons are easily traced back their place of origin and culture. Most bone carvings lead back to New Zealand and the South Pacific Islands, where it is still widely practiced at present.

Bone was also a desirable material for artists and metal workers when trying out new styles and designs. Those were commonly referred to as "trial-pieces".

Nowadays, modern techniques and machinery give you the option to either carve your masterpiece by hand, or by using all kinds of power tools. You can try both methods and see which one you like best. There is no need to let it become a bone of contention!

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