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Friday, September 30, 2011

Beachcombing Art

Visiting the beach almost always will lead to a lot of fun, but besides swimming, splashing around in the water and building sand castles, you don't have to wait for a warm, sunny day to go there.

If you live close to the beach, you may want to decide to take a stroll down there, even when it is a cold, windy day.

Maybe you should go specifically on those days, because the waves rolling ashore can carry a lot of little treasures with them and leave them on the beach for you to find.

Beachcombing is an exciting pastime and you never know what you are going to find. It can be shells, sea glass, unusual rocks, driftwood, fishing lures and maybe even some long lost treasures.

All these little trinkets can be used for art. Whether you glue them separately on a background and frame them as wall art, or create figurines out of them, you are ensured of ending up with a beautiful and unique piece.

There are a few more applications for the treasures you bring home from the beach; large pieces of driftwood can function as the base for a coffee or in-table. Shells can be used for crafting figurines or wind chimes.

If you don't want to take it home, or are not looking forward to being creative, then take pictures of them, print them out and frame them.

There are as many options as there is sand on the beach. Well, almost. Grin.

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