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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Chocolate Art

Have you ever wondered how all the delicious chocolates are made? I have; at least for a split second before I indulged in heaps of those chocolate treats. Yeah, I royally admit that I am a chocoholic.

Seriously, I never thought art was made with this tasty, brown substance until I happened to come across a series on TV about chocolatiers. That sparked my interest and I found some beautiful chocolate art.

Every piece of chocolate art I found is completely edible, just like the Lilly in the photo. I love the fine details in this special treat and it would almost be a shame to sink one's teeth in.

I came across some sculptures which totally blew my mind. This little train is just one of them and I can only imagine what an intricate and delicate work it must be crafting something marvelous like this entirely by hand.

This art goes way beyond the average and commonly known type of sweets. It ranges from chocolate sculptures to paintings even and all of it is edible including the frame!

I let you ponder on this for a bit, while I go and cater to my sweet tooth! Grin.

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