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Arts and Crafts

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Key Art

It may not happen too often, but at one point or another we all have some old keys we don't know what to do with. We give our old keys to our grandchildren who pretend to start their toy car with them or open the door of their imaginary home.

Most old keys usually end up in the trash and that is a shame, because some really interesting projects can be made with and out of them.

Take this key for instance; it is wrapped in a chocolate colored wire which is woven through a set of small gears. Some colored beads are added for interest and topped off with a bronze colored leaf.

This is a good project for the larger and skeleton keys, although most skeleton keys are already pretty to look at just the way they are.

You would want to show them off without any adornment and there are ideas for that too. One of the options I came across was seen on TV.

I am not sure whether it was on 'American Pickers' or one of shows of the 'Storage Wars', but the person they visited had his front door covered in all kinds of keys. It sure added some visual interest to the entrance.

Another idea for recycling old keys is to turn them into drawer handles.

That is ingenious and doesn't take much effort either. Simply use a strong craft glue to attach screw posts on the key at the desired places and you are done.

What about all the small and tiny keys? No problem; there is an app for those as well.

Many can be used for jewelry, but they are also very suitable for making wind chimes, lamp shades, and plant and herb markers.

You can also get some pretty frames, glue a key in the middle, and hang them on the wall. If that doesn't draw people's attention then I don't know what will.

I would say it is the key to success!

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