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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Aboriginal Art Competing With Mother Nature

Art has been and is created all over the globe ever since mankind walked the face of the earth.

Some forms of art are typical for, pinpoint, or can be trace back to a specific part in the world such as this dot painting.

It is a beautiful example of Aboriginal art.

I would love to visit Australia and watch the Aboriginal people create their paintings. My preference would go towards taking advantage of one of the used motorhomes or campervans for sale. We could stay in one place as long as we like and move onto the next location whenever we choose.

Australia also offers a very divers landscape. It would be a hard call having to choose between Aboriginal or Mother Nature's art; they both appeal to me. With one of the campervans for sale we would be ensured to enjoy our tour to the fullest without having to miss out on anything.

It may sound odd to go to caravan sales while visiting Australia and acquiring a motor home.

When you consider being as free as a bird, able to go where and when you like at minimal costs, it all makes sense.

Once we would have ended our trip, we could simply go online and list it under motorhomes for sale, before moving on.

You can be assured though we would have seen it all; from the Australian Alps to the Great Barrier Reef to Australia's Red Centre to the Wet Wilderness and so much more!

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