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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Vincent van Gogh's Life And Work

After this unfortunate affair, Vincent van Gogh moved to Drenthe and devoted himself to painting and drawing. It was here when he painted the Potato Eaters in 1884. It was one of his many creations, but most of them were destroyed by Vincent.

In this same year he met Margot Begemann, the neighbor's daughter, and they fell in love. They took up the idea of getting married. Both families objected however and Margot poisoned herself. She was saved by Vincent who rushed her to a hospital.

The relationship ended and when Vincent's father died of a heart attack the following year, Vincent was stricken with grief, but his painting helped him through this difficult period.

Vincent finally gained some recognition. His work was shown to the public by being exposed in the windows of a paint dealer in The Hague in August 1885. By this time, Vincent had already gathered that he lacked in technique and traveled to Antwerp to improve the quality of his skills.

He decided to incorporate more color in his work and took exams at the Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp after which he enrolled in painting and drawing. By this time he was drinking and smoking heavily, eating poorly, overworked, and ill.

In March 1886, he went to Paris and moved in with his brother Theo where he continued painting and studying.

When Vincent moved to Arles in 1888 in the south of France, his work became brighter and more colorful and he finally found the style of painting for which he is famous at present.

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