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Monday, April 29, 2013

Guitar Pick Options

When you play the guitar and/or know people who do as well, you can always save the used guitar picks for arty projects.

It may take a while though before you have accumulated enough plectrums for your craft and you may not want to wait that long. Thankfully, guitar picks are easily to come by.

They are sold in music stores and online and cost next to nothing. For around $10 you can already end up with at least four dozen of them and that should be more then sufficient to create some gorgeous works of art.

I would never have considered using guitar picks in an arrangement like this, but it sure is inspiring.

When you think about it, it is easier then you would suspect; all you need is a good photo in pixels and substitute a pixel with the same color guitar pick.

Before you decide to buy in bulk, it may be a good idea to consider what you want to use the guitar picks for. Glass and metal may not be very suitable for drilling holes in and/or gluing.

The safest option would be to go with either the celluloid or plastic ones, because those can be used for pretty much anything.

Since the choice in picks is enormous where color, imprints, and materials are concerned, you will have no problems finding those particular plectrums which will suit your project to a tee.

Just take a look and have your pick!

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