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Friday, March 22, 2013

Creating Tramp/Hobo Art

The creation of tramp/hobo art is rather painstaking, since you have to build up your project in layers.

Each layer has to be a bit smaller then the previous one and you will have to precisely cut the parts to fit. Ensuring that the patterns and designs are either the same size, or smaller then the previous layer, takes a keen eye and a steady hand.

It is recommended to use patterns out of cardboard as an example. Those are not only very helpful when it comes to designing your project, but also for cutting the wood to the desired length.

This type of art does not make use of glue, but tacks. If you really are determined to use glue then be careful when you plan on staining it; the glue will not take the stain and could leave your work of art looking blotchy.

As you may have already been made aware of the fact that there is not much equipment needed. A pocket knife is more then sufficient and will get the job done.

You may need a sharpening block to keep your knife up to snuff, but that is about it.

Sand paper is not really of the essence either. The previous creators of this art didn't have any sand paper handy. They smoothened and evened out their cuts by using glass shards.

I am not so sure I would recommend that though. You may end up with more cuts then you bargained for!

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