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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Presidential Art

I don't know if you have ever wondered how a former president fills his time after leaving the White House. Most of them usually end up in another political position, while others simply retire.

Either way, they have more time on their hands then they had during all those years when they were leading the nation. According to Fox News, former president George W. Bush dedicated his spare time to practicing art, and painting in particular.

After leaving office, Mr. Bush grabbed a canvas and started painting dogs. No, it is not the simplest and easiest subject to choose and portrait, but the president pulled it off and quite nicely, as I may add.

One of his first paintings was of their pet Barney, who was the Bushes' best friend for almost twelve and a half years.

On travels to Florida, the former president heard about the artist Bonnie Flood, who leads workshops teaching aspiring artists the fine art of painting.

On Mr. Bush's request, she took the time to share her knowledge and skills of brush strokes and mixing and matches paints with him and Maggie, his sister-in-law.

After spending six hours daily for almost a month at the president's abode in Boca Grande, Mr. Bush felt comfortable enough to try his hand at landscapes, instead of dogs.

Taking in account that Mr. Bush already had 50 dog-paintings under his belt, that must have been quite a scary change, but his talent is clearly showing through, as you can see.

The president signs his art with the number "43" which, as you already may have guessed, stems from the fact that he was the nation's 43rd president.

So, if you ever run into a painting signed with this number then I suggest you acquire it, because coming across presidential art doesn't happen very often!

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