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Arts and Crafts

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Broom Straw Art

There is a lot you can do with broom straw besides making a broom out of it. There are craft and hobby projects galore which can either have a functional or just a decorative purpose.

You probably already know the scarecrows crafted from broom straw which you can admire during fall, Thanksgiving and Halloween, or have seen broom straw wreaths hanging on the doors. It is also good material for creating stars, crosses, baskets, belts, flowers, placemats, bowls, and handbags.

I didn't know that broom straw was widely used for making jewelry. This technique is called "Straw casting" and is done by pouring melted gold or silver over the wet ends of broom straw which are standing up. This results in unique designs with which modern jewelry is made.

The broom straw itself can also be used for weaving bracelets, earrings, necklaces or hair accessories, but a lot of other small works of art belong to the possibilities as well such as this straw doll.

You actually don't even have to go through all the trouble of coming up with an original, decorative piece. You can simply take the broom as is and adorn it with all kinds of other craft materials, ribbons, lace, and whatever else you have handy.

By hanging it on the wall, it will get all the attention it needs and when the situation occurs; there is a new broom up for grabs that sweeps clean!

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