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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Win-Win Situation

This post brought to you by Kia Rio. All opinions are 100% mine.

If you are staying at home this summer, but still would like to do something creative then how about a scavenger hunt? I got the idea after watching this Kia Rio Scavenger Hunt video and thought how much fun and how exciting a challenge like this must have been.

How would you like racing through Los Angeles and going to The Griffith Park Merry-Go-Round to answer a trivia question, or sifting through the popular and historic Amoeba Records store to find one particular CD? Maybe counting palm trees on Rodeo Drive would be more to your likings or finishing a hot dog named after a Hollywood celebrity at Pink's Hot Dogs to get to your next clue and to top it all off; locate and meet with a celebrity at The Roosevelt Hotel?

After watching the video, it seemed to me that finding that CD was the most difficult challenge. You may have a different opinion and I sure would like to hear your thoughts on the video which you can do by leaving a comment on this post. Thanks.

One of the advantages these two pairs of best friends had on the Zip and Dash geocache challenge through Los Angeles was that they had UVO Technology powered by Microsoft® right at their fingertips. The Kia Rio is equipped with great features such as Bluetooth, a USB jack, advanced voice control, color touch screen, HD radio, easy feature updates, a digital jukebox and rear view camera display. I personally like the last, since parking is not one of my best qualities.

Another advantage they had was being able to cruise around in the sleek, high tech, user friendly, 2012 5-door Kia Rio in their search of Christina Milian. Check out the Rio Explorer Page at Kia.com to gather up more information and explore all the options and possibilities.

A scavenger hunt in such an innovating car is a win-win situation for everyone who participates!

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