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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Art Of Making Rescue/Survival Bands

A couple of days ago, our oldest daughter asked if we knew a store that would carry and sell paracord, because she wanted to craft a rescue bracelet out of it. Curiosity killed the cat, but since a cat has nine lives, I figured I could spare one and asked her what a 'rescue' bracelet was.

She told me it is an easy to make bracelet and depending on its length, would unravel in no time into about 7 to 8 feet of cord which is then ready to be used for anything you could need outdoors like lashings, shoelaces, snares, tying things up, or even repelling yourself down a mountain or cliff. When taking apart, the inner threads can be applied as fishing line or for sewing.

To give you a good idea of how much feet of paracord you would end up with; one inch of the bracelet equates to about one foot of cord.

Paracord is essential when being in the outdoors a lot and should be a staple in any survival kit. It is very lightweight, but extremely strong and flexible.

In case you rather have a very long cord, then it may be better to craft a belt out of it which can be done the same way as you would the bracelet. It is rather simple and easy and you would need scissors, a lighter to sear the ends, a tape measure, a clasp or belt buckle, and enough feet of cord for your project.

This instruction video shows you one of the several techniques used for making a rescue bracelet, key chain, or belt.

After watching this I think you are good to go, because now you know the ropes!

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