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Monday, May 28, 2012

Airigami - Balloon Art Part 2

Balloons have been around for centuries and were already used by jesters and other entertainers who made their appearance at a king's and/or queen's court. Even at those times they were used to make shapes with, but those forms and shapes were most certainly not as sophisticated as at present.

This was not by any means due to lack of inspiration, imagination, or the abilities of the artist. It was merely a consequence of the balloons consisting of animal bladders and entrails which were not as flexible as the current, modern products.

The first balloons made out of rubber came into existence in 1824 and were invented by Professor Michael Faraday in London. Their purpose was to conduct experiments with, but rubber manufacturer Thomas Hancock saw more options and introduced a do-it-yourself kit to the public in 1825.

The kit consisted of a bottle of rubber solution and a condensing syringe, but the result still didn't resemble the balloons we use at present. These were first made in 1847 by J.G. Ingramof London in 1847 and although it still had some ways to go, it can be considered as being the prototype of the balloons we know today.

The long, small, skinny twister balloons were marketed in the late 1950s and their easy usage, quality, flexibility, wide arrange of colors and low price made them accessible to the public who found new ways of creating fun and entertaining art!

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