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Arts and Crafts

Monday, May 21, 2012

A Step Ahead

With all that time off from school coming up soon, you may be pondering upon the question how you are going to keep the children busy all that time. It may well be you are not worried about that yet, since you will be spending some time on vacation somewhere else, but keep in mind that is probably only a couple of weeks and then you will be back home.

It would be recommendable and to your advantage making a list of all kinds of creative activities which your children could get engaged in and are fun to do. There are plenty of crafts for children around for both in and outside which are not only cheap, but don't require a lot materials and/or special equipment either.

When the weather permits, they could go on a 'treasure' hunt and could look for all kinds of attributes such as small twigs, seedpods, oddly shaped or colorful leaves, grasses, flowers, and more which can be used for projects on rainy days. You don't have to wait for rain keeping your kids busy of course, inside projects can also be done outside.

An exciting inside craft would be having them make their own birthday invitations and although their birthday would still be months away, I have no doubt this would not only be very appealing to them, but a smashing success as well. Another option is making other greeting cards like 'Thank You' notes, or 'Get Well' cards.

These are just a few of the many options and possibilities available and I suspect you will have quite an extensive craft-list put together in no time. Once done, go over the list, see what you might need, stock up on those materials and have them handy for when boredom sets in.

That may be sooner then you expect, but you would be one step ahead of it!

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