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Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Hay Bale Art

There is a farmer's market at the corner of our road and besides fruit and veggies they also sell season-related plants and other items like pumpkins.

When Halloween was coming close they had a huge, round hay bale on display which was painted on each side with the resemblance of a carved pumpkin face. I thought that was too cute and very original, until I did a search for more of this type of art.

It turned out it is not as unique as I thought. I found out there is plenty more hay bale art around and it is not uncommon to even hold contests in this category.

Many aspiring artists resort to painting the hay bales. In case you plan on feeding the hay to your live-stock during winter it may be a good idea to paint the bale covers instead.

Make sure you are happy with what will be painted on it. It is a one time deal, unless you plan on replacing the covers each year.

You can also take it a step further and create something with the hay bales.

This locomotive is one of the many examples of creativity. I even came across an entire fort built from and with the square bales.

If you are looking for some extra-ordinary art than you just found the needle in the hay stack!

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