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Arts and Crafts

Friday, September 26, 2014

Q-Tip Craft Ideas

It may well be you enjoy creating large objects or want to undertake a larger project than the ones I have shown you thus far.

Don't think a box of Q-tips will not suit the purpose. The work of art in this photograph is a clear example of how the opposite is true.

I personally am under the impression that you can make almost anything with these cotton swabs.

You will need some strong glue, a pair of scissors, a little imagination and, depending on the subject and size of your project, enough Q-tips to complete your artwork.

Should you not have many of the latter at hand, you are not stuck by any means.

They lend themselves excellent for other crafts such as unique paintings and other (wall) arts.

Most of the creations I came across were mainly focused on using the Q-tips straight out of the box or by cutting them up.

However, they are somewhat flexible and bendable to a certain point. That means they could even be used for projects that have a rounding to them. It is just an idea, but it may come in handy.

That's enough about this type of arts and crafts for the moment. I suspect the possibilities concerning Q-tips are coming out of your ears by now!

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