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Arts and Crafts

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Golf Club Art

Even though it was quite a quest trying to find art which was centered around and incorporated these sports tools, I finally managed to find what was out there.

Yes, there is golf club art as you can see and it is both beautiful and very artistic as well. Take a look at this photo which is airbrushed on a golf club. It is almost too pretty to use this during golfing, unless your (grand)child is very hardheaded. Grin.

Another form of art I found was wall art. Golf clubs arranged in a variety of compositions are excellent subjects for photos which can be framed and hung anywhere, making for an interesting conversation piece.

I have seen pictures in simple black and white which gave it just that little bit extra which it didn't have in full color. I truly enjoy this photo; the yellowish filter gives it an aged appearance.

Any colored filter allows you to incorporate photos suiting the design and style of your home. It will take your interior above par!

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