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Monday, July 20, 2009

Soap Art

Who would have thought that something we use several times a day and is so common among the entire world population, would be used to express some one's craftsmanship? Not me!

I actually did not even consider looking for soap in the form of art, when buying a bar of soap. In most cases I go by fragrance, cleanliness and how mild it is to the skin. The only time I would get something different shaped would be when it was intended a gift.

Well, I know better now; I found these wonderful bubbling works of art online and was astonished by so much creativity. These products are not only functional, but a delight to look at as well. The next time I need a present for someone, I will get them one of these unique toiletries.

I did have one concern though when I saw the soap cookies: even though you have to bust their bubble, make sure everyone knows they are soaps. You would not want anyone to wash their mouth with soap for no good reason. Grin.

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