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Arts and Crafts

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Funny Soap Art

When I did my articles on soap art, which were posted quite a while back, I already came across many artistic creations which would be too cute, too beautiful or too funny to use.

It is almost a shame to wash your hands with them and see them slowly but surely go down the drain. It therefore is a good thing that they are not expensive and readily available, like these uncanny works of soap art which I came across the other day and couldn't pass up sharing with you.

These little trinkets are the latest on the front of this arty craft and are natural vegetable glycerin soaps with a slight, but pleasant oatmeal, milk and honey fragrance. They come in 8 different shapes and range in height from three quarters of an inch to two inches.

You can find them online and they are not very expensive. By presenting your guests with some of this creative, hygienic art, you will most certainly inspire some conversations and receive many compliments.

Since this soap is entirely made by hand; not one is exactly the same and in case you hadn't grasped the concept yet; this is hand-soap! Grin.

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